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Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
the next item? >> item 4 is an ordinance amending the planning code regarding the valencia street neighborhood commercial transit district. >> thank you. the sponsor of this or presenting today is stephanie ashly from supervisor campos' office. miss ashly, thank you. >> yes, good afternoon, supervisors, thank you for having me today. i am here representing supervisor campos' ofrs and we are introducing or bringing to your attention today an ordinance which would amend or address the valencia street neighborhood commercial transit districts to allow for personal service use on the third floor and above provided it met with conditional use authorization. so here to speak more about this ordinance for us is aaron star from the planning department and i believe we also have regina from the small business commission. >> mr. star. >> aaron star from planning department staff. the planning commission considered this item at their last week's november 29th hearing, they voted unanimously to approve it. the commission found that personal service was originally prohibited from the thir
Dec 3, 2012 3:30am PST
valencia from the 1960's. ok, so i have to go to the market and find one. i not know exactly the apron of the maid of valencia in the 1960's. housewife, sorry. not a mate. it is not abstract, let's say. but specific in the color, which is absolutely inspiring and fabulous to go into the story. the movie was the cook, the thief, that one -- with helen merrin, who is absolutely fabulous -- helen mirren, fabulous actress. he showed me some painting of rembrandt and said, "uc that? could you do the in modern, in today? and i said i will try. yes, but it is part of the job. yes, but it is part of the job. so i tr
Dec 22, 2012 4:30am PST
is on assignment. nick valencia is keeping me company here in studio. nick? >> good morning, randi. holiday weather may make it tough for holiday travels as aaa says 93.3 million people are expected to journey more than 50 miles in the coming days. the system that brought a blizzard to iowa and more than a foot of snow in wisconsin is now expected to drop inches in western pennsylvania and upstate new york today. >>> plus, there's a blizzard warning for parts of west virginia and north central maryland. >>> and heavy rains on the west coast may also cause travel delays especially in the san francisco area. >>> just ten days left for congress and the white house to make a deal and avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. the first family arriving in hawaii for the christmas holiday there, you see president getting off the plane, but before he left, president obama urged republicans and democrats alike to get it done. >> in the next few days, i've asked leaders of congress to work toward a package that prevents a tax hike on middle class americans, protects unemployment insurance for 2 million americans, an
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
times. for example, the apron of the made from valencia from the 1960's. ok, so i have to go to the market and find one. i not know exactly the apron of the maid of valencia in the 1960's. housewife, sorry. not a mate. it is not abstract, let's say. but specific in the color, which is absolutely inspiring and fabulous to go into the story. the movie was the cook, the thief, that one -- with helen merrin, who is absolutely fabulous -- helen mirren, fabulous actress. he showed me some painting of rembrandt and said, "uc that? could you do the in modern, in today? and i said i will try. yes, but it is part of the job. so i tried. i worked with a dutch artistic director, and i get to work with him. he was very specific and fabulous man. also, they were very specific about the color. in reality, they asked me because the color is a little like in the spirit. it is something in common. i was flattered to do that, but it is beautiful to see how much they are -- our work, our demand is to make a beautiful movie. i should not be able to do anything. i never thought about it, but when
Dec 15, 2012 4:00am PST
are turning to those for comfort, she's no longer with us. ali? >> yeah, sad story. nick valencia at the cnn center in atlanta. thanks, nick. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. you're watching our special coverage of the connecticut school shooting. i'm in newtown, connecticut, about a block away from the school which is roughly behind me. a block away from the scene of the horrible massacre. here's what we know right now. in about an hour, officials are expected to start releasing the names of the victims. we've learned the names of two of the adults, the principal and a school counselor, but not the names of the children. now, that is expected to start happening at around 8:00 a.m. right where i am. right now the bodies are still inside the school. police say it's an active crime scene and that means the shooter's body is still there, as well. police say 20-year-old adam lanza was the shooter, and also say his mother's body was found inside the home they shared together about 2 1/2 miles from here. >> i'm john berman in the town square here in newtown. flags flying at half staff h
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
. which on valencia street -- one, two... three... >> reporter: doesn't narrow it down much. in four blocks, i counted three dozen, 16 new ones just in the last year or so. and now there's a backlash. >> businesses in that neighborhood are definitely feeling the brunt. >> reporter: tina davenport runs glamorama salon on valencia and says it means good food but mostly for dinner. >> i wouldn't want to turn down business as a merchant but it's a nighttime destination so it's providing less and less for the people who live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: not much going on during the day. the valencia street neighborhood merchants association has asked the city to slap a one-year moratorium on new restaurants between 16th and 24th streets. >> i think they should let the market determine what is here. >> reporter: goes the other side. an apartment owner is definitely on that side. can you have too many restaurants in an area? >> uhm....... the people who eat in the restaurants will determine that. >> reporter: does every neighborhood need a drugstore, barbershop, hardware store? where
Dec 4, 2012 12:30am PST
been a member of valencia 13, and finally once to leave the gang, she did not ask for her fate. we need to listen to the needs -- providing them with jobs, with law enforcement and the community, we need to merge. you need to collaborate. you cannot speak to one another, you need to talk together. this is the challenge. i want to urge everyone in the audience, i take strength from those words, from that question as bobby threw down the gauntlet 30 years ago. you said you would always be there for me. meaning, the there in force, together with the understanding. thank you very much. >> let me begin this the scutcheon. you work every day with gang members. you were once a gang member yourself. why do you think you are effective working with young people and what does this mean to you and how we know that this is working. first of all, i want to thank god for his grace. i work with united players. i do reentry and the youth involved in juvenile delinquency. the majority of the kids i work with our gang members. i was formally -- formerly a gang member who grew up in san francisco. we all h
Dec 4, 2012 1:30pm PST
market street at valencia, to make left turns work better for cyclists. the way it had worked is that cyclistses would merge across the two lanes of traffic and across the f-line tracks, both of which cause safety issues for everybody, for both motorists, for f line operators and for cyclists. so, what we've done is put a cut out on the right so the left turning traffic goes to the right, waits for a signal which they now have from signal change to give them a protected green, that allows them to safely cross in absence of traffic and perp dishtion lard to the tracks to make for a much safer environment. we've got new signage and pavement markings to make that clear. as everybody was stuck on the subway, i rode my bike yesterday and rode passed it. it's a significant safety improvement, not bust for cyclists, but for f line operators. it's a very busy area. we have 120 people -- it's about a third of the left turns off of market street during rush hour, our cyclists. so, they're taking a whole lot of vehicles off the road by being on their bikes. this will enable them to do so
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
representatives car near 19th and valencia streets. >> an 18 year-old man is behind bars is morning in redwood city after being arrested in connection with the shooting on highway 1 01. police have been searching for eric valencia bargains since the september 30th shooting. argus is suspected of shooting three people at and dodge charger as they drove south on highway 1 01 near the ralston ave off ramp. they believe they were targeted because of road rage or previous dispute. all three occupants of the chargers suffered minor injuries from the incident. and james riley was assisted arrested on suspicion of homicide yesterday after a fight left 47 year-old jarrett nagle that at a homeless camp. authorities say it is unclear why the two men were fighting in the first place. riley is currently being held added county jail in martinez on a million dollars bail. >> the bizarre saga of billionaire and john mcafee has got an even stranger. these fixes are show him being taken to hospital in guatemala. he reportedly collapsed after being told he would not be granted political asylum. mcafee is a found
Dec 15, 2012 4:30am PST
. the first thing i want to do, though, is go to nick valencia. because nick is working on information about the victims of this tragedy. we spent some time talking about the shooter. but we are really worried about the victims. 18 children and six adults were shot on-site. another two children died in hospital. let's go to nick valencia at the cnn center in atlanta. nick, two of the adults inside the school have been identified. what do we know about them? >> as you mentioned all morning, this story really is about the victims. two of the names that we know so far, two of the adults, six adults were shot in all, two names that we have been able to confirm, dawn hochsprung, she was the principal at sandy hook elementary school since 2010. she's described, ali, as someone you would want educating your children. sort of the teacher's teacher. she was very involved educator, memorable for her enthusiasm and that wonderful smile you see there. she spent her career rising through the ranks of the connecticut education system, working in various elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools
Dec 22, 2012 3:00am PST
valencia is here in the studio with me this morning sharing stories we're watching. >> good morning, randi. if you think it's cold outside here in the united states, check out what people in central russia have been dealing with. the man's phone says it's negative 41 degrees celsius there, that's the same as negative 32 degrees fahrenheit. or so cold, watch what he can do with boiling water. check this out, randi. wow, back state side that brought these conditions to iowa have moved through ohio and hitting western pennsylvania and upstate new york. plus, a blizzard warning in effect for parts of west virginia and north central maryland. some forecasts predict more harsh weather is coming christmas week starting in arkansas and heading to new england bringing inches of snow. the massachusetts company linked to a deadly nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis has filed for bankruptcy protection. they did not follow procedures for a steroid it distributed. 620 meningitis cases were reported and 39 people died after they were injected with that steroid. the company says it will establish a f
Dec 15, 2012 3:00am PST
of the victim also found dead at a separate location. i want to check in now with nick valencia in the cnn newsroom. one of them, the school principal. nick, what do we know about her? >> good morning, john. as you mentioned, i'm here at the cnn center in atlanta where we're working on gathering the latest information on the victims of this horrible tragedy, the connecticut school shooting. as you mentioned, 47-year-old principal dawn hochsprung, described as the kind of person you would want educating your kids, john. she was a very involved educator with memorable enthusiasm according to those that knew her. she spent her entire career rising through the ranks of the connecticut school system, teaching in small communities where she was a fixture in schools before coming to sandy hook. she taught in local elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. those who remember her say she created an environment, john, that made people feel accepted and important. not only was she an educator, john, she was also a mother and leaves behind two daughters and three stepdaughters, and as we m
Dec 2, 2012 8:30am PST
around 24th and valencia. yesterday we had the great pleasure of cutting a ribbon in the richmond. here in district ten there is a park renaissance. we are seeing incredible things happening thanks to the parks bond and we have a new play ground at mclaren park and new restrooms at bay view hill top and mclaren and the improvements here. since 2010 the port has been an incredible partnership and promoting our youth stewardship program and our program and we have the inaugural class and kids products of this neighborhood and learning environmental education. they are getting paid. it is work and helping to steward the land and learning leadership skills and i want to name a couple of folks from that program. kimberly who runs the vote tear programming and zoey and brenda from green acres. where is brenda? she's not here and carolyn from the port who we have worked incredibly close with. [applause] just to conclude there has been a lot of talk about team lately. chris bochy said it yesterday and the mayor said it yesterday and this morning. this is a team and great things happen whe
Dec 4, 2012 11:00am PST
for folks around that station to downtown and to the airport in places south of valencia and somehow include it because of the bridge work. that's the origin of this whole effort. it's not my favorite sport to close city streets. this is a way that you can have your cake and eat it. we can have the connector road, but we can have this potentially fabulous connection from that part of town into downtown where employment is going at the same time. in the process perhaps give the poc a more useable piece of land where currently we have industrial uses that are -- i would surmise based on highest use of that space and a street that's definitely under utilized. >> great, thank you. commissioner cohen? >> thank you very much. i like to take a chance and opportunity to thank t.a. staff and cal train staff for the work they've done for the last year in a half to address many of the concerns you heard raised here. alternatives for our consideration that replaces this bridge, which by the way once upon a time was very beautiful. what we want to do also much like -- also preserve the right and integrit
Dec 6, 2012 12:30pm PST
a ordinance by supervisor campos and allow the personal uses of the second floor of the valencia street and this commission considered it last week when you recommended approval this week the committee recommended approval to the full board. on tuesday at the full board meeting the tdif ordinance was there and update the fees related to the transportation demand impact fee and sponsored by the mayor and olague and forwarded it with a positive recommendation to the board and recommended a number of mode ifzs. the mayor introduced substitute legislation which included all of the recommendations by the commission and clarified that the mta would be allow to collect the fees if they were uncollected by mistake. after your hearing the board's committee recommended approval of the ordinance and the full board continued for a couple of times without discussion. this week supervisor wiener and the sfmta board director spoke in favor of the ordinance and supervisor elsbernd suggested keeping the nonprofit sponsors which the original legislation sought to remove. supervisor chu spoke against
Dec 6, 2012 2:30pm PST
-- valencia. she is thousands of years old but still is ageless and beautiful as ever. the bust of the egyptian queen nefertiti was discovered by archaeologists from the royal prussian academy exactly 100 years ago today on december 6, 1912. >> a special exhibit is opening in berlin that traces the discovery of the rare find. years were dedicated digging in the desert sands before efforts were richly rewarded. >> the light falls on her face from different angles, showing the lines of time. a proud queen and a classic beauty. the bust of nefertiti is the star attraction of the museum island in berlin, drawing visitors from all over the world. >> it grabs you completely because it is so lifelike. >> she was unearthed a century ago. now, nefertiti's life is revealed. the worship of the sun deity and intimate moments by the side of hurricane -- hurricane -- her king. >> nefertiti still plays a role as an iconic beauty. also in our history. as each intelligence, we are also interested in the era in which she lived -- as egyptologists. >> german -- a german archaeologist discovered he
Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
not go past 16th street and valencia and because of the contributions that are being made like this dealership and all of that,that is all changed. and i have had a 25 years relationship with the missionle vocal school and i know that they do and i'm happy to hear that they have endorsed the project and i would also like to say that part of the improvements are the lighting of the area and i gave up a car 11 year ago and so i walk the entire mission and it's now an area you can now only cross 16th street and go down but there are a lot of rights and this contribution, also, i think to had a area are in addition, to what is happening and all of that and so i personally highly recommend it. thank you. . >> thank you any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed, commissioner moore. >>> the aspects of this project which are interesting and intriguing to me one is the history of family and the long standing evolve in the communities to all of the developmental things that we hear about it's really a great story that is not as much why we approve a proje
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
. that was video taken on the corner of 16th and valencia. we sent linda yee to find out, what was that? >> up there! look! >> reporter: it was definitely something in the night sky. enrique barrios took this video of lights. >> it looked like flames, fireballs in the sky. >> reporter: david shelly took these pictures as they hovered over him. >> kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing. >> strange! >> reporter: so what did dance through the sky over san francisco's mission district? even scientists are not so sure. >> it's not a planet. it's not a constellation. not meteors. not the moon. >> reporter: witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes. >> they kind of looked like flying candles. then they started making triangle formations. >> reporter: but there could be a plausible explanation. >> it looks to me like it could have been balloons carrying lights. >> i am a hundred percent sure this was a ufo. >> you do admit you had a little christmas cheer? >> absolutely. alcohol was definitely an influence here. >> definitely not a star ship? >> no. >> reporter: one
Dec 11, 2012 2:30pm PST
the same house same call without an objection this item is passed item 25. >> item 25 for the valencia -- thank you this ordinance allows to operate and other -- to operate under conditional use third floor along the value 11 sea commercial transit district and in researching this issue we realize right now they are able to operate on the second floor with a conditional use but that is not provided for the third floor and from a policy perspective it's not clear what the -- we want for this and the further distinction and we have been carol to make sure that there is no affordable housing touched by this measure and neighbors define the types of business and is neighborhood services that can open around this corridor and so i would ask for your support, thank you. >> colleagues take this same house same call? >>> without objection this item is passed. >> item 26 is the resident luke of holding the department of public works for disapproval and disapproval for the -- permit. >> supervisor elsburnd. >> thank you mr. president the committee had a very good hearing for this item
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 99 (some duplicates have been removed)